Date Posted: 22nd November 2021

Saturday was a whirl. Big queues, very lively and lots of happy people. I really enjoyed hearing people debating and speculating about whose name might be on the back of the masterpieces. We  have sold half  of the 320 now and there are still some really good ones and some celebrity efforts left but I cant tell you which or it wouldnt be ANON would it.


However I have misled you over opening times. ANON3 was open only this Sunday (yesterday)  not the rest of the show, so here they are. Its official. I will try to be there in person every Saturday. If you are popping in during the very limited weekday  times and want to see me I can possibly  get over there but not promising anything. It's just that I popped home this sunday at 1.00 and when I got back less than an hour later  many people I would have loved to see had been and gone and left me a message. frustrating.

Sat 20 & Sun 21 November: 10am - 4pm
Mon 22 - Fri 26 November: 3-4pm
Sat 27 November: 10am - 4pm
Sun 28 November: CLOSED
Mon 29 November - Sat 4 December: 3-4pm
Sun 5 December: CLOSED
Mon 6 - Sat 11 December: 3-4pm

   ANON3 closes 12th December and you can collect and see who made the one you bought on Monday 13th. if in doubt ring the theatre box office  01768774411 to check.

  Our December Cumbria Life arrived this morning  and ANON3 has a lovely piece over a 2 page spread written by the editor Sarah French..

I will be talking about farmer/painter Karen Wallbank and also about the ANON exhibition with Helen Millican tonight  (Monday) on Radio Cumbria's Arts programme at 6.30 onwards. She and I did a road trip way back in August to see Karen and her daughter Hannah (George was out) in their newly converted barn. We had a great time and recorded the journey. It was a bit Thelma and Louise!

I will keep in touch as it all happens and may put any that are left towards the end for you to see and buy, (still ANON though). and dont forget that we are taking silent bids on the John Emanuel etching that was too big for the CD case.