Date Posted: 22nd November 2020

coffee pot and lemon 32 x 32 (11x 9.5cm)
kirkgate Cockermouth 27 x 27 (9 x 9cm)

The Peascod video is now up and running and getting lots of viewings.

Kelly Video-

Lowry Video -

Anne Redpath Video -

Bill Peascod  .

Interview with Anthony Cosgrove about running the gallery, Percy Kelly etc

I have put the new Kelly’s for sale on Choose the FOR SALE box.

I have given  framed measurements with the actual image size in brackets. I will send out prices of anything that interests you.

It isn’t possible for you to come and see any of them here at the moment  but you can reserve  one until  safer times or you may buy unseen and I will courier it to you but if possible I prefer you to see it before buying.  We can but wait and see what develops on the virus/vaccine front. Michael and I are in the ‘at risk’ age group so hopeful of an early jab.

Sorry this is so brief but have a Kelly video to make now,