Date Posted: 3rd July 2020

 Good news. My framer is back from furlough and the new small Kelly’s are framed and out of lock down as I promised so I now have more precise details. I dropped them off in early March without noting sizes which was careless of me. There has been much excitement over them so have a look on the GALLERY pages in the FOR SALE boxes. I’m happy to deal with any questions and give further information.  A few are reserved until people can get round to seeing them for real but past experience tells me there may be some changes of choice.

Our Percy is gaining a much wider audience. I was surprised to discover that a tiny rough sketch (5 x 9cm) had fetched over £850 at an auction in Essex last week. (that includes the 30% commission).  His reputation still grows and spreads. He would be astonished and furious that his bit of scribble has ended up being sold in an auction room.

Life is full of surprises and never more so than the last 4 months for all of us.  When I walked off the stage of theatre by the lake in March after my talk, Rosalie’s Bequest, about a painting, a promise and a Will, I was unaware that life as we knew it was about to change for ever. 

But it has been good in a way to have to stop – to have time to think and take stock - to sort out priorities and I don’t think I was the only person to think about putting my life in order.

A few people got in touch to ask if I had recorded the talk.  It hadn't occurred to me and wasn't permitted in the theatre anyway so I decided to make a video of my presentation. This was more of a challenge and took much longer than I anticipated.  There I was enjoying the peace of lock down;  no aircraft, no traffic, no surprise callers - until I began to record.  The phone rang, someone tried to start a car with a flat battery, a delivery van arrived and a drill started up somewhere very close by.  Noise seemed to travel in the clear still air. After several false starts the man who mows our grass appeared. It was the final straw.  I retreated to the wardrobe in despair and shut the door!  Here a link to the finished piece. It’s about 30 minutes.