Date Posted: 5th February 2023

After another week of record visitor numbers I have just heard from Radio Cumbria that they are broadcasting the interview Tony Calvin and I did last week with Helen Millican as we strolled round  the exhibition. This is going out tomorrow evening (Monday 6th) between 7 and 8pm

 If you aren’t able to listen then - here’s the BBC Sounds link, valid for about a month from 10pm on Monday evening 

(For those of you out of area this is the listen live link. )

I am delighted to be meeting friends old and new at my Saturday afternoon slots at the exhibition. (I am there 1 – 3 pm every Saturday and really look forward to it)  I gather people together at 1pm and give a short informal talk– Bringing the exhibition to life.  I am astonished at the distances many of you have travelled to get here. Apart from Cumbrians who have come from all corners of the county people have come from Durham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Lancashire and there may be more (since the little fracas at The Palace, I don’t ask – So where have you come from? - I wait to be told!)

Tony Calvin does the same on Tuesdays 1-3pm and takes people round the Whitehaven Kelly trail every Sunday Morning 11.30 – 1.30 (you have to book for this)

As I hoped, the 2 paintings and 1drawing in the exhibition that are for sale are causing even more  excitement and offers are steadily coming in. I will let the bidders know   Saturday 25th February the day before the exhibition closes. You can see them on in the Works for sale page.