Date Posted: 3rd July 2023

A cheerful addition to yesterday's newsletter. It's nothing to do with Percy but  it is art and it has really made my day.   It is the self-build home of a Great Tit and fulfils all the environmental building regs and more. Set in a elevated and safe position in a patio heater with excellent views it is built entirely with natural materials sourced locally; twigs from the beech hedge nearby, an insulating layer of dried moss from our lawn and a luxurious soft lining of Persian cat hair - the best quality you can imagine.




 All the fledglings look so comfortable in there - all settled in.

Lily our Persian cat has to be groomed every day and we began to save the beautiful hair in a cloth bag last year. When the birds began nesting we spread the fur out on an Acer bush every day and every day  our feathered friends helped themselves and this is the result - an enviable des res.  Meanwhile the persian lies in the window bird watching unaware of her contribution to their well being.