Date Posted: 9th May 2019


The film and talk last night at the pencil museum was very much enjoyed – particularly several appearances  in it of Ena the Mole catcher and her hirsute brother sitting by her on the sofa who said his sister used to have a quick ‘murdle’ with Roberta! (AKA Percy)  There was also some sadness too. What is it about Kelly’s paintings, drawings and life that elicits deep emotions – people found it very moving in parts – especially sitting among Percy’s beautiful letters and etchings. We all felt his presence in those gentle, tender and sympathetic letters to his step daughter Kim. I will have to find an opportunity (excuse) to show the film again on another occasion.

The next encounter with the power of Percy will be the FAMILY DAY on Sunday 19th May at the pencil museum. Many of the people who were there last night had never been in the museum before and were surprised by what they saw.  So this is your chance to come and see what is on offer and you can bring friends, relations and children. We will talk about the letters to Kim, the joy of writing letters and perhaps have a go and use some of Derwent’s lovely art materials to make a letter or even scare yourself by wandering through the darkness of a graphite mine’s tunnel. The other film about Kelly's life will be running on a loop throughout the exhibition.

Come along between 2 – 4pm.  I will be there for a bit of a ‘murdle’ and the resident artists at the museum will give demonstrations and guidance. Remember EVERYONE CAN DRAW. If you can hold a pencil or crayon you can draw. Let Percy inspire you.

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