Date Posted: 9th June 2021

Hill farm at night

I only saw 2 people in person this weekend  (Sad isn't it?) but there was a massive response to the  10  little charcoals. My in-box soon filled up and 8 out of the 10 soon sold along with quite a few paintings and drawings from the web site and beyond.

Sadly lots of you wanted the same ones so I took  them  in the order they dropped in the box. There are now just 2 left as you will see on www.percykelly.co.uk in works for sale ; number 1 is marked Pardshaw in Percy's handwriting so it was easy to title. It is one of those which has a nice drawing on the back as well.  It is the lane from Pardshaw Hall where we rented a house when we first moved to Cumbria in 1986 so it is very familiar.   No 3 Night Farm could be anywhere but I have a hunch it is the Newlands Valley when he was returning from a visit to the Purple House one evening.  It epitomises the narrow twisting lanes and steep banks with farms teetering on the hillsides. Kelly used potter around these back lanes  stopping to catch the moment in charcoal with reminders scribbled on them maybe naming colours he could see or the initials of the location. as a reminder to himself   casehe decided to make a bigger picture which has been helpful to me as well.  I have really stretched myself over the last 30 years making up titles to distinguish them one from the other - (yes you do have to call them something – rows of Untitled I II III etc gets very monotonous) . Kelly saw no reason to offer a title and certainly no reason to give an indication of where they were.  It was of no importance as he had no intention of selling any. He was the same with signing and that was even more deliberate because it always gave him an excuse for not selling. “It’s not finished” he would say to some smitten  admirer who had travelled a long way to buy one or more.  “Look it’s not signed so I'm afraid you can’t buy it.”. But does knowing where the artist sat matter at all. Maybe not -  but it is good to be able to connect with  a piece of art. It gives a level on intimacy – an emotional attachment.

So these 2 are still available and I’m keen to let them go because  together the 10  will  have raised £4500 for MS research + £500 when Il fulfill my promise to make it up to £5000.  So have another look.