Date Posted: 12th November 2020

Ullock Pike; First snow.

It’s just a week since we all began Lock down number 2 and it feels so much longer than last time, don’t know why.

Good news; All the videos I’ve made are now on my YOU TUBE channel. Just hit the link below (control and click) and they all will magically appear.  Take your pick. You don’t need to sign up for anything. 

If you search my name or Percy Kelly an interview I did a few months ago with Anthony Cosgrove will pop up. Anthony is  based in Manchester and writes about Northern arts. ( you will find  that  a lot of people also make claim to my name! -  just ignore them  and make for my channel!)

You, my special Mail List, are the first to try it out.  It has been a struggle to set up and load due to my inadequate technical skills. My way of thinking differs basically from my computer’s way and I  constantly have to  struggle to outwit it. But there are now a lot of people who want to access the videos I’m making. (especially when we’re locked down and  it never seems to stop raining.) I have always been nervous about putting anything on social media but I want to make it easy to access and be open to everybody who has an interest in art. You Tube seems to be quite gentle - so I’ve  taken a deep breath and put it out there for Art. I may have to eat my words. Just remember I’m just a beginner with this new exciting medium and hope to improve.

These are the links to the individual videos on You Tube.

Kelly Video-

Lowry Video -

Anne Redpath Video -


I’m now in the process of making 2 more videos  - one about Bill Peascod, miner, painter, climber and the other  about Kelly’s rare oils  . There will be a  surprise at the end of the Kelly.  Whether it’s a good surprise or a disappointment remains to be seen.   I don’t know yet. I am on tenterhooks so fingers crossed it’s a good outcome.

I’ve had a run on books and etchings since I offered a gift with every order to cheer you up. Keep it going.  I can post them out anywhere of your choosing with a card and message from you..  (you can  e mail me if you want anything sent outside the UK and I will give you the price of postage).

With a vaccine on the horizon (hope it’s not a mirage) have patience, keep  busy,  be kind and keep  on looking.


Lachlan Goudie - Scottish National Gallery BBC4