BILL PEASCOD:coal miner, rock climber, artist

Date Posted: 20th November 2020

Evening sky: Grisedale Pike 1983

At last I have conquered the mysteries of my computer and its relationship with YOU TUBE. The story of Bill Peascod:  Maryport  born coal miner, pioneer rock climber and artist is now on YOUTUBE.   Have a look and listen when you have 40 minutes to spare.  He was the great achiever and I love his paintings.   You will hear in the video how Bill’s over confidence  fuelled by champagne was  very nearly his downfall in the Buttermere valley.  Talking of over confidence - the next video (Percy’s oils)  will be a doddle now I’ve figured it out (woops - famous last words!)

Some small Kelly’s are on their way to my website and should be going up next week when I get them  back from the framers. I will let you know when. You won’t be able to come and see them  in the flesh as yet until it is safe but you will be able to reserve just one with no commitment as last time until such time as you can come and see.  Prices for the new ones range from £250 - £4000. (you can buy unseen if you want to take the risk.)

I can post etchings, screenprints  etc. to you  unframed as usual. This goes for books and catalogues as well. Being busy and focussed keeps me going. Hope you find the same in these very dark days.

All good wishes