Date Posted: 5th December 2018


As we hurtle towards the BIG event of the year (allegedly) and life becomes ever more frantic, I am pleased to be able to point you to a calmer, less demanding event in January when all the mad Fridays, daft Mondays and Christmas ad wars have hopefully stopped.

Tullie House has asked me to do a talk and conducted tour of A LEGACY exhibition. So on Saturday 19th January at 2pm I will give an illustrated talk about the life, work and legacy of Percy Kelly in the lecture theatre (approx. 1 hour) followed by a leisurely stroll through the exhibition.  I will talk about the problems facing a curator of both the recent large Retrospective and the smaller intimate but no less challenging current Kelly exhibition. I will be looking at how the process of producing a piece of art worked for Percy. His notes – written on some of the pieces – and preliminary works give a fascinating insight into his method and understanding.

Although we hung 140 paintings plus artefacts and letters in the Retrospective, all the pieces in the smaller legacy exhibition are previously unseen pieces and most of them have a story. The Whitehaven painting for example bequested by Joan David’s son Rob and his wife Sue is now hung, replacing the photograph of it we had to put in  to fill the blank space for the first 4 weeks of the show. That painting alone could tell an interesting tale. Come and find out – and much more.

Contact the Box Office 01228 618700 for tickets.  £8 (£5 for members with annual tickets)