KAREN WALLBANK: Hill farmer and painter

Date Posted: 5th February 2021

Hill farm: mixed media.
jack's suffolks

I’ve just launched another video on YouTube   dhttps://youtu.be/2p0oP7hWfrY.   This one – the 7th -  is about Karen Wallbank who turned down her place at Goldsmiths College of Art to marry a hill farmer on the Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire borders. I found her in October 1987 just months after I opened the gallery. I had a strong feeling she didn’t want to be found that first time  – her directions were minimal  and the farm was fog bound and isolated.  I nearly gave up. We are both glad I persevered.  We formed a very strong connection and friendship over 25 years. Many of you ask me what has happened to her and the answer is at the end of the video. Enjoy.

Making these videos has kept me going through the lock downs. January went on for ever didn’t it? The 31 days dragged so much I kept looking at my empty diary not believing we were still  in single figures. However, in the total absence of any distractions I got a lot done. The research for each one has been rewarding as it has brought back so many memories and people and incidents and exhibitions. Which is lovely and you can’t live in the past but they have brought me so many comments, opportunities as well as new people  and ideas. My diary may be empty but my in-box is overflowing and I love it.

 I have a list of people waiting to see the Kelly’s  they reserved months ago and  I am awaiting a few new freshly framed ones  which I will load on to the web site after we are freed from restrictions. I will let you know when they go up.

There’s plenty now to be optimistic about.

 ! February has only 28 days

2  We’ve both had the 1st vaccine and so have many of you

3 Spring is round the corner – there are swathes of snowdrops and everything is showing signs of  new life.

So take heart and fingers crossed that there is nothing else ‘nasty lurking in the woodshed!’