Date Posted: 28th November 2018

THE BRIDGE 70 x 60 cms Mixed media signed PK 60
RED DOOR  Cumberland village street  44 x 36 cm  Watercolour/ink. Authenticated verso.

Glad to hear that many you are enjoying  A LEGACY exhibition at Tullie House. It is quite different from the Retrospective yet it is a continuation that adds an extra dimension to anything you’ve seen before.  It is on the first floor (there is lift access) and follows a meandering route through the museum into old Tullie House. Don’t miss the best view of Drigsby the whale on your way through and the best view of Carlisle from the outdoor viewing platform.

I will be in Carlisle this Saturday (1st December) so I will call in at the gallery from 2.00 - 3.00 to meet, chat and answer queries with anyone who’d like to come in – you can get an annual pass into the exhibitions and museum for £10 and you will be invited to events at a discount as well as other benefits. (more about the January event in the next newsletter)

I am also keen to see the new Kelly Merchandise in the shop downstairs. I know there are more of the fine porcelain mugs (4 different designs) which were quickly snapped up last year before many people had even seen them They also have Kelly bags, etchings and books including the new interactive children’s book Have a Humbug which is now sweeping through north and west Cumbria. I have been invited into several schools to talk about Kelly and start projects off.  I aim to get into all the schools in due course. The west Cumbria children connect with Kelly’s work because they recognise places familiar to them. It gives them the ambition to make their mark too. A small boy writing a letter in the style of Percy began … as an artist myself… can this be another Kelly in the making?

Friends I haven’t seen for a long time arrived for tea on Sunday with their 3 daughters – 6, 10 and 11.  It was too cold to play outside in the garden (I’m not that cruel) so I gave each of them a personalised copy of Have a Humbug  of course (there’s a space to write the child’s name in it). They settled round the kitchen table and we heard nothing for 2 hours.  It was so quiet we thought they must have been abducted by Aliens. They did some lovely drawings and paintings (the books come with all the materials needed.) You too can buy a few hours of peace over Christmas if you give them to children, grandchildren, visiting children (even adults when conversation dries up).  You will need 1 per person though or fighting may break out! Buy them at Tullie House, Bookends, Percy House in Cockermouth, The Pencil Museum in Keswick or  they can be posted out to any address you care to give with an appropriate Kelly card from this web site .  It hasn’t hit the world market yet  because the world hasn’t quite caught up with Percy - but trust me it will. (there are some original paintings, drawings and prints in the gallery section of the web site – look for the FOR SALE box and e mail me if you need further information.The 2 illustrated at the top of this newsletter have just been added.

** Oh yes, went to see Beauty and the Beast at Theatre by the Lake on Saturday. It is a superb production with all you expect from a Christmas show and much more. It is witty, laugh out loud fun with some great dance routines and a wonderfully scary beast and a satisfying feel-good ending.  The timing is spot on. We’re going again with all the family at Christmas.