Date Posted: 23rd March 2018

I spent a glorious day last week walking around Whitehaven harbour in the sunshine before climbing the cliffs to the South in the company of a Countryfile producer.  The views were magnificent and it was so clear we could see the Isle of Man. I love that bit of coastline because it is so full of interest. A bonus was a visit to The Beacon where we parked by the harbour  to show her the two Kelly paintings – the large Parton Panorama and Whitehaven Harbour from The Fan House - loaned by Copeland Councilto the exhibition at Tullie House .

We chatted about Percy Kelly and the six trails I devised along the West Cumbrian coast using his paintings and drawings as a guide. These sold out during the Retrospective but they have now been hastily revised and reprinted because Countryfile will be filming along that coastline next week. Kelly and the Trails will be featured in the Countryfile programme which will go out Sunday evening 15th April.

The idea of the trails began a few years ago when I went to Maryport with Kelly collectors from Durham who were excited to see the town and harbour through his eyes and encouraged me to create the trails.  Born in Workington and living for many years in Allonby, Kelly gained a lot of inspiration from that coastline. Sunsets and seascapes didn’t interest him.  He always concentrated on the pure shapes and clean lines of the buildings and the industry. Since then many people have discovered the West Cumbrian coastline and enjoyed walking with Percy. You can buy all six trails which come in an attractive box (or download them) from the web site www,percykelly.co.uk/merchandise.

*This weekend will be your last chance to see the print exhibition at theatre by the lake Keswick. It comes down on Monday - don’t miss it. I am putting the prints in the exhibition in the gallery section of the web site, www.percykelly.co.uk/gallery