Date Posted: 1st October 2018

Have a Humbug was launched amid yellow balloons, wine and canapés on Friday evening as an end to a wonderful day. Fabulous sunny mild weather for the first trail around Maryport. Views of Dumfries and views of the Isle of Man so clear you felt you could swim to them. (er didn’t try!) Attendance was masses above expectations. Dolly and Jeanne had done some good planning and publicity and people poured in.

SURPRISE – not only do children like the book but adults are buying it too. This is an e mail I received; What a marvellous idea to use Percy Kelly’s story and amazing talent to provide inspiration and materials for children to create their own pictures. I am sure that many adults will be motivated to have a go too, especially those for whom art lessons at school were a trial. Percy Kelly would have been delighted! 

This book is going to be in every school in the Maryport cluster and my ambition is to get it into every school in Cumbria.

You can buy Have a humbug on It will be in bookshops and galleries in the next few days and also, I’m told, on amazon in about a week.

  • The photograph is of the wonderful Maryporters (I am the interloper!)