Date Posted: 2nd April 2024

Interior Pear Tree Cottage
letter to Sami

AND ON THE THIRD DAY … we opened the Scene and Unseen exhibition on line.There are still some good things left and everything has been much admired. All the car parks in Keswick were full early on  Good Friday and people poured in over the weekend marveling at the quality of works on show.

I have now  updated the Kelly pages on It gave me great pleasure to whack a red spot and SOLD on the images. Even more pleasure to see so many of you again to catch-up – if given a chance. All the pics in the exhibition have come directly from Kelly’s estate. His  cottage in Norfolk was FULL of pieces of unframed artwork thrown into wooden bread trays. Fuller than anything I ‘ve ever seen before anywhere. The drawing above is Percy’s only semi usable room. The only chair in the house was a car seat rescued from a skip with a plank across the metal  arms to make a table to draw and write on.. This blocked the only door upstairs to his bedroom which was covered in paintings – on the stairs, on the bed on the floor. He had nailed a beautiful abstract  work across the door so no chance of going upstairs to bed. I’ve added a photograph – that shows paintings and drawings he has “hung” on the walls and  a drawing I bought from Sami, Joan David’s neighbour in Kendal. After the 5 exhibitions I mounted for his son Brian I had to sell his first wife Audreys collection followed by the step children, then his stepdaughter’s letters. These collections  have helped to identify  the locations of  things that came up to Castlegate.  And then there were all the collections Percy had entrusted to friends and family members  when he thought his second wife  was sending a valuer.

If you wish to buy any of those in the  exhibition have a look  in WORKS FOR SALE on E mail me at and add to the poppy red spots on the wall. I can assure you that there is not a ‘weak’ piece of art among them all. There are some real crackers. E mail me for a price list if you want to know the worst or, if you are close enough, come to the theatre to see them in situ. There is a wonderful  entertaining play on there at the moment; The little shop of horrors with a terrifying plant that grows Triffid like. The music, dancing, acting, singing is all first class. Don’t miss it.