Date Posted: 13th March 2021

Just to let you know that I have put 7 new small Percy Kelly works on the web site in the section marked  FOR SALE

  I have attached them here in 4 groups so that you can see them framed and in proportion to each other. (I hope this works in this mail out – not sure I can send 4 in this system but I’ll have a go!)    Note that I have left the framer’s protective film round the frames to protect them.  Individual images are on the web site. Kelly signed very few of his works as he couldn’t even contemplate selling any and it offered him an excuse for refusal. All his works will have an authentication on the back which is more important than a signature … trust me it’s true.

Prices for these new ones are from £450 - £3000. I always recommend that you see  a painting in the flesh  because it’s a big investment and decision and you’ll live with it a long time,  but  If you are very keen and are sure of your choice I can send  them to you. Otherwise you can reserve until such time that the government tell us it is safe and legal to come and view and collect. If you want to buy any of the bigger, more expensive pieces  I will send the price on request.

Those of you who have reserved items be assured that they are safe. It has been a long time some have waited to come and collect or view but I am prepared for that. I know who you are!

 We will be set free soon – maybe in a few weeks. I am ever the optimist.


I see I can only put 2 images  so I will follow this with another with just the images on