Date Posted: 4th December 2019

Hump back bridge 11x 8cm actual image size unframed

I recently came across a folder of very small Percy Kelly drawings and sketches. They are obviously prototypes of things to come and ideas to be developed. But they are delightful in themselves for what they are.  Some have faint grid lines on them to help him scale them up into fully realised works. It is interesting to see his thinking and planning.

I have spent a long time looking at them trying to link them to bigger works that have sold (I mostly failed at that!) but I must now let them go. I have put them in the WORKS FOR SALE box in the GALLERY section of the web site. The sizes given are in centimetres unframed.  Some of them have little drawings on the back – even a shopping list or a note to Percy himself.  A copy of this will be attached to the back of the frame so you know what is hidden beneath. Prices are from £400 framed - float mounted and dropped into a fairly large mount to show them off. 

There are Kelly prints in the PRINTS FOR SALE box on the GALLERY page. In addition to the original prints Percy made1962 – 65 at Art College in Carlisle alongside some etchings made from plates Percy made  at college which were discovered hardly used after his death. These were printed by Graal Press in an edition of 75 and are sold unframed (some of these are now nearly sold out)

There are also the 2 latest etchings on the MERCHANDISE page along with books, trail boxes and cards. You can buy these on line. They are then posted to you unframed.

This is rather complicated so please e mail with any queries.