Date Posted: 3rd June 2021

  39 x 36 cm framed size. Image size  17 x 15 cm


Many years ago I bought a folder of 10 small 7 x 5 inch charcoals from Percy Kelly’s son Brian who found it in Pear Tree Cottage after his father’s death in 1993.

Inspired by a Keswick man, Duncan Booth who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010 aged 39 and who has bravely raised a large amount of money for research into this cruel  incurable disease, I’ve decided to  sell them for this good cause. (my partner Michael also has MS so I know what life changing havoc it causes). Duncan who was a Keswick teacher, keen cyclist and rock climber before contracting MS, recently completed the  annual 10 x 10  round (10 Lake District peaks in 10 hours) in its 10th year with the encouragement of his wife who designed the course 10 years ago. You may think that he’s now having a good rest to recover from this remarkable feat of strength and endurance  but you would be wrong.  He is now repairing bikes, making them roadworthy – you will know his house in Keswick if you pass it– the garden is full of bikes.

I have put the 10 charcoals on the web site www.percykelly.co.uk in the Works for Sale section.  They are the first 10 on the list. Each is numbered and is £450 unframed (some are 2-sided) If you wish to buy one, get in touch with me via the contact form at the bottom of the web site giving your address and e mail to arrange payment and delivery and it will be posted to you with an authentication label. Every penny will go to the MS Society. If (or when) all 10 are sold I will add £500 to bring the total to £5000.

Apologies for my recent video silence. I’ve been a bit like a tortoise poking my head cautiously out of my shell as the warmer weather came and the garden grew and demanded attention. Also several people who had reserved paintings during lockdown came round to pick them up. Like many of you, I’m not totally back in sociable mode. Our world has shrunk and is a daunting place. I need time to get used to freedom!

You will see from the web site that there are still a few reserved Kelly works awaiting confirmation. If you haven’t let me know I would appreciate it if you could get in touch.

I am working on another video – an interesting triumvirate of art collector Helen Sutherland and artists Ben Nicholson and Percy Kelly … find the link!

  • I’ll give you a clue – he’s a well known 20th century Cumbrian poet