Date Posted: 1st November 2020

The latest lockdown came as a blow but was not unexpected.  I have already noticed an increase in the buying of books, cards and etchings from the website as people are trying to get their Christmas shopping sorted out. I’ve been trying to think of a way to help. So from now until 1st January anyone ordering anything through the web site  will get a free gift of a back catalogue added to the parcel.  There are 2 of the most popular  etchings made from Kelly’s plates on  there as well.   Anyone ordering an etching will receive a back catalogue plus a   copy of Life Class – a memoir of an accidental gallerist.  The full selection of all prints available are on the GALLERY PAGE under PRINTS FOR SALE. If you click on any image the title and price appears.  I will post all orders directly to you or to  any UK address you request with a PK gift card with your wording if you wish.

It has been lovely to meet so many of you albeit socially distanced during spring and summer to buy Kelly paintings etc. We met in the garden on fine warm days and then in my office as our confidence grew. Sadly this had to stop with the monsoon like weather and the worrying increase in the R numbers. There are some additions currently waiting to be framed  - I will notify you when I have  loaded them on to the  PAINTINGS FOR SALE section on the web site.   Most of you prefer to actually see something in the flesh before purchase and I agree with you.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before it is safe to come and look again.

In the meantime I’m getting lots done and really enjoy the challenge of making the videos about paintings that have stories attached to them. The Lowry fish and chip shop (no 3) went down a storm. Video no 4 -  a painting of Ullock Pike by Maryport painter, climber and coal miner Bill Peascod -  is ready but is waiting for  the technician to organise the link. It is really encouraging to receive your comments which have been  100% positive so far. There is room for improvement in delivery I know and I’m working on it but the images are good and it’s lovely to have something to look at in these dark days when we are short of the visual  stimulation of exhibitions.

I’m working on  Video  No 5 at the moment which is the story  behind Percy Kelly’s oil paintings.  Why did he  do so few (less  than 30 in his whole life)?   Have I located them all?  The Apple Harvest  (oil on board and signed twice – a rare thing for Percy to even do one) is shown with this newsletter and  is my latest discovery which coincided with our apple harvest. (It has proved a very good year)   Then I made an even more exciting discovery which I will share with you in the video.  Can you wait that long?  I’m afraid you will have to!  I don’t know the outcome yet but it’s an intriguing story.

In an uncertain world it’s good to have some excitement and anticipation of good things.