Date Posted: 28th April 2018

To everyone who has placed an advance order for The Man Who Couldn’t Stop Drawing.

The reprint is due on or before 7th May but as a thank you for your patience I will add a free Discoveries catalogue as a reward for waiting. This also applies to ANYONE ordering it on before 7th May. The printed RRP is £35 so at £25 it is a snip.

There is a growing heap of labelled book wraps in the office so all we have to do when the consignment arrives is to put the book inside, seal it and send it out . Keswick Post Office is braced for the influx. Andrew and his staff there have been magnificent since Countryfile Plus One when I staggered in with several bulging sacks of mail – hazards blinking outside.  All I have to do now is pull up outside and pip the horn gently and he rushes out and takes it in and it goes on my tab.  As every bank in Keswick apart from Barclays has now closed, our Post office is vital to the community and needs support in the face of all the competition in letter and parcel delivery as well as e mails and internet. We are doing our bit! I can now reach my desk without climbing over boxes.

I have just realised that the  delivery date i've been given - 7th May -  is a Bank holiday so I hope the books  come before rather than after that. All these Bank Holidays are confusing. Had to look up May Day, now Spring and Whitsuntide, now Late Spring Bank Holiday.  Having struggled for a week to get into my TSB account along with thousands of others, I really don't think banks deserve a holiday!