Date Posted: 19th April 2018

There is good news about The Man who Couldn’t stop Drawing ; - The extraordinary life of artist Percy Kelly.  At last after much cajoling I have a delivery date for the reprint which is the first week of May so less than 2 weeks away. Whilst Line of Beauty concentrates on the development of his work, The Man who …  tells the story of his confused and sad life with lots of illustrations and quotes from his letters. Order it now for £25 (RRP is £35.) on www.percykelly.co.uk/merchandise.  (It will be beautifully case bound – erm after that long wait it had better be!)

Keswick Post Office-  bless em - has taken my daily visits hauling sacks of parcels over the doorstep in its stride. They are very helpful and friendly being used to my eccentricities after the popular Percy Kelly calendar 2018 when I was virtually wheeling trolley loads in last autumn and was dubbed The Calendar Girl!    I’m now the Countryfile Woman which is more in keeping with a town that lives by its outdoor clothing and sports equipment shops.  It’s easier to buy crampons and a kayak than a pair of knickers here. May I emphasise that I have been fully clothed throughout – this is Keswick. We don’t disrobe very often here.  *I deliberately use Royal Mail because, like the High Street Banks, Post Offices are disappearing fast or changing into something else. Of course Percy was a postman too so it makes sense.

Phew!  After 4 frantic days of packing books and trails I have a little time to lift my head today. Thank you for all the comments and queries to which I have attempted to respond. Keep them coming. And get your order in for the long awaited Man who couldn’t stop drawing.

If I havent answered your e mail give it another try. Every order has been posted within 12 hours of receiving the order.